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This is a place for students, who are using computer for their studies, but don’t have much know-how about them.

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Hence I will keep in mind to make things as simple as possible for you. Keep visiting for interesting and informative posts.

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Episode 1: All hands on deck

Yes. That’s true. I am also gonna start learning SQL. And that is the SQL language. NOT Oracle, NOT MS SQL Server, NOT MySQL. Just the plain SQL language, which I will be able to use on any of the database platforms with some minor effort.

Episode 1: First step from the toddler

So finally I am going to start Android development, I will be sharing my experience; so that it may become a “how-to” for others who are also interested in diving into this world-with-no-limits =). As I am myself newbie to Java and Android, I would keep the things as simple as possible, and tell you … Continue reading