Episode 1: Compressing PDF files

What we will learn today: How to compress file size of PDF documents.
Why this: PDFs are the standard file format for documents that are sent/received over the internet because they are portable and help avoid tampering of documents. The smaller the file size the faster will be the uploading/downloading. Even some websites restrict the file size you can upload, some sites forbid you to zip(use WinRar etc.) or break the file, so this thing can come handy.
What is needed: Your life will be much easy if you install Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. There are many advantages this software offers over others when it comes to more advanced options. How to do it: There are different compression styles present; each one will give different file size. It’s up to you what you want.

  • Open Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. Make sure no file is open. Go to Document. You will see “Reduce File Size”

  • Click on “Reduce File Size”. You will see this “Arrange Documents” window


  • Click on “Add Files”, and again on “Add Files” from the drop-down, you will see “Add Files” Dialog Box

NOTE: You can select multiple files here, but remember same compression will be applied to all the selected files. If you want different properties for different files, apply this process for different files separately.

  • Select all the files you want and then click “Add Files”
  • Now, you are back to the previous “Arrange documents” window, the files you added will be displayed there. You can still remove any file by selecting it and click “Remove”. When you are done click “Ok”
  • You will see this “Reduce File Size” box

NOTE: Setting compatibility to later (newer) versions of Acrobat will allow greater reduction in file size. I prefer “Retain Existing”, but you can select others.
  • After setting “Make Compatible With”, click “OK”
  • Now you will see “Output Options”


  • You have options for the folder in which the compressed files will be saved in “Target Folder”
NOTE: If you are using “Same folder as originals”, it’s a good practice that you choose “Add to original file names” option in “File Naming”, and deselect “Overwrite existing files”.
  • When you will click “Ok”, the compressed files will appear in the given folder. The file size is greatly reduced
This is how to get reduced file sizes using Adobe PDF. Piece of cake
If you have already opened a PDF file, and then you perform Step “1”, the menu will be a little different. You will have the Step “6” screen. Follow steps from there. If you want to convert multiple files, click on “Apply to multiple”, you will be back at Step “2”.
What’s next? How to reduce file sizes in MS WORD. Combined with the knowledge of how to compress PDF files, these two can really save your day.
Please do leave comments, questions or any of your suggestions.
Visit Adobe website, http://www.adobe.com to purchase Adobe products.



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